Posted on 25 September 2013.
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Bylaw No. 2/06

  1. 14.Any building materials, lumber, scrap metal, boxes or similar items stored in a yard shall be neatly stacked in piles and elevated off the ground so as not to constitute a nuisance or harborage for rodents, vermin and insects.
  2. 15.Fences shall be maintained in a safe and reasonable state of repair.
  3. 16.The inspection of property by the Council of the Village of Christopher Lake to determine if this Bylaw is being complied with is hereby authorized. inspections under this Bylaw shall be carried out in accordance with Section 362 of The Municipalities Act.
  4. 17.No person shall obstruct the inspection of property carried out under this section.
    1. 18.If a person is found contravening this Bylaw, Council may, by written order, require the owner or occupant of the property to which the contravention relates to remedy the contravention.
    2. 19.Orders given under this Bylaw shall comply with Section 364 of The Municipalities Act.
    3. 20.Orders given under this Bylaw shall be served in accordance with Section 390(1)(a),(b)or (c) of The Municipalities Act.
      1. 21.A person may appeal an order made pursuant to Section 18 in accordance with Section 365 of The Municipalities Act.
      2. 22.The Village of Christopher Lake may, in accordance with Section 366 of The Municipalities Act, take whatever actions or measures are necessary to remedy a contravention of this Bylaw.
      3. 23.In an emergency, Council of the Village of Christopher Lake may take whatever measures are necessary to eliminate the emergency in accordance with the provisions of Section 367 of The Municipalities Act.
      4. 24.Any costs incurred by the Village in remedying a contravention of this Bylaw may covered by adding the amount to and thereby forming part of the taxes on the property on which the work is done in accordance with Section 369 of The Municipalities Act.


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